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Appliance cutouts are one of those funny little things we didn't really go into business to do, but we are set up to do them well.....So why not?  Most shops will pass on this "small stuff" But the work needs to be done, so we get it done!  A lot of homes are due for an appliance upgrade, and a of new appliances come in at different sizes or maybe you want to add a double oven where there was a single....Maybe its a taller refrigerator, etc. etc.  It can be done, usually in one day.

The dreaded sink cabinet damage.

Sinks, Dishwashers, Garbage disposals they all leak at one time or another...Its a given.  That is precisely why years ago we decided to incorporate a waterproof sink base cabinet into every one of our kitchen and bath sink cabinets.  We use  proprietary methods and materials to insure that the inevidable sink area leak doesn't have to be a catastrophe. 

However, if you encounter a water damage in your existing cabinets we can fix that too.